Is Rental Income A Good Reason To Buy On LBI

Dated: September 11 2021

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When most of our Parents and Grandparents bought homes back in the 40's 50's and 60's and even 70's, no one was really thinking about a home generating income. Most folks thought that the only way to generate income for a piece of real estate was to have some type of business like a shoe store or a dry cleaner. Well, things have changed a whole lot with the way people look at real estate. It used to be that "let's buy a second home so we can retire in it" was the way a lot of people were thinking. Who knew, that in the right area, with the right amenities, you can have a substantial income from a property and perhaps cover all your mortgage, taxes, utilities, maintenance etc. AND maybe show a monthly profit!? Sounds pretty good, Huh?! Well that's what people are doing, and yes, keeping a few weeks a year for themselves? Maybe you could say a FREE vacation?! I invite you to visit my website at and look for your very own home that you can generate income and give yourself a free vacation! I look forward to hearing from you!

Happy Home Hunting!

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Jon Ferris

Born and raised here in New Jersey ever since I was very young, I remember coming to Long Beach Island whether it was when my Dad and Mom taking me out on their boats around Barnegat Light, going to t....

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